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++Oh, the country's full of crazies... [Sep. 30th, 2006|07:21 pm]
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I’m so politically confused right now, primarily in regard to intellectual class rule. I think very certainly that the current state of the nation provides the opportunity for education – self or other – on a basis equal enough that a lack thereof constitutes civil irresponsibility on behalf of the individual, and as thus justifies political non-representation. I can’t even begin to fathom how people can morally justify – to themselves, even, much less others - voting on issues that they are uninformed about. The mass of uneducated, evangelically religious fundamentalists that dominates the nation genuinely scares me – but simultaneously, the notion of drawing a line somewhere in between, without taking into account individual situations and simply limiting representation is just as sickening if not more so. I don’t want to cut them off; I want the chance to change their minds. It’s like everything else at the moment - altering the problem so that it ceases to apply to me personally isn’t the solution, it’s just the irresponsible course of action, and that’s a tough course to take. I feel like I’m torn between personal progress (and personal happiness) and fighting a losing battle. I feel ridiculously alienated when we have a president who can fit eleven blatant biblical references into a nineteen-minute speech as if he’s speaking for me. I wouldn’t dare to decide anything non-applicable to myself for someone else and can’t understand how someone entirely unaffected, except by potential benefit, feels it so necessary to do so for me. I’m can’t call myself American the way it is, I can’t fathom leaving it in the state it is, I feel like there’s a cause here that has been slowly and recklessly abandoned, I can’t stand people who refuse to think, I can’t believe World War II was over in 42 months and we’re at 43 and counting, and I can’t believe that any issues are being championed in congressional campaigns that are concentrated on anything other than the immense and tangled exigency that is Iraq. I’ve hit about twenty different topics in a single paragraph and on a literary level that disgusts me, so have a new one:

We’ve got issues when the president of Pakistan appears on the fucking Daily Show instead of something reputable, and we’ve got problems when we champion ideals – religious fundamentalism, waterboarding of all things - identical to those we claim to be fighting. Politically parties have become absurd in a way that transcends their original purpose of stimulating open discourse: instead, we’ve got representatives who refuse to say “fuck it” to the party lines and get something done, who are impervious to rhyme and reason in that exact matter and who are more concerned with campaigning, with molding their forms to the exact standards that the public eats up in a 50-50 ratio, than upholding the principles with which the nation began. I know that sounds vaguely reminiscent of fundamentalism in itself, but I’m not arguing for the sake of tradition, I’m arguing it because it worked and now it doesn’t and we have to fix it and I don’t know how to do it and I can’t because I’m sixteen and ridiculous and want to go into bioengineering, anyway. So, you know, that puts a cap on things.

Anyway, I didn’t proofread that and it turns out that this past week sucked for everyone, so misery has its company. Candid but true - James and I took a survey at practice SAT, results are 34 to 2. Regarding that, I slaughtered the writing section, too bad it didn't count. Rankings come out in a little while so JOY in that direction. School is nice, much <333ism for B-days and D-raves (the rest of a-days are ehn). I haven’t arrived after eight and left before five in forever, mais c’est la vie. Oh, and Major Issue (well, one among many) is the lack of support for the AP/GT crowd among admins, and I quote: “People think that the AP kids eat off the fine china and everyone else eats off paper plates.” Yeah, so let’s spend money on PSAT programs for kids who won’t show up to the classes. Whatever. Bitch. I want to transfer just for the sake of killing their mean test scores. And she’s having monthly luncheons with “high-achieving students,” which makes NO sense, as it’s really more of a punishment that anything else. Joyyy. I do things other than school, I swear.

No update = really busy, and there's been a lot of that lately. It's a good thing.