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1-1-11-111-11111-11111111-1111111111111&c. [Nov. 8th, 2006|03:48 am]
>>>space dementia
[mood |Giddy]
[music |Thermals - A Stare Like Yours]

All right, so I know that nothing is actually confirmed yet and if percentage points shift a bit in the morning I will undoubtedly feel very foolish, but! Just...yes. God, I can feel the crazy seeping out of America. This half-giddy victorious feeling will likely flee the instant Congress begins to actually do anything, but damned if I won't take what I can get while the concept is intact.

Aaasadweqarsyacfsadgxcgh :)!

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[User Picture]From: vale_of_plenty
2006-11-11 09:54 am (UTC)
Yeah that was upsetting, but a) it was pretty obvious beforehand that Perry was going to win, because the non-conservative vote was divided among four other people and b) Perry doesn't really have power outside of Texas, so the detrimental effects of his reelection won't be as widespread.
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