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++Give away my gun when it's loaded [Dec. 11th, 2006|06:54 pm]
>>>space dementia
[mood |Drained.]
[music |Homesick at Space Camp - Fall Out Boy]

Crunch week is over. I have time to be on the computer, go running, drink things based upon choices other than caffeine content, sleep, breathe, read fun books, hang out with people, go bake cookies with Alex, do other stuff, and all of it seems so amazing and novel because I'm not turning out paper after paper and taking three tests per day. Damn.

Oooh, I was called down to the AP office today...(heck yes, this is rebel year). The football team is doing relatively well in the playoffs or something, which everyone knows I could care less about but whatever, and things were dandy(!) until student council or some spirit group started tying plastic ribbons to everyone's cars. Initially it was like, okay whatever, I'll just tear them off and contribute to general pollution, but it happened over and over so I ended up taping a "don't tie blue and white crap on my car" sign to my back windshield - which, it seems, warrants a call down to the office and missing twenty minutes of APUSH. So apparrantly there were several actual threats about tire slashing key scratching etc., which I can't even begin to fathom - hell, I can't even imagine why anyone would care to report something on my property that is so completely trivial and irrelevant to them in the first place. JK ended up giving me a lecture (without giving me a word edgewise) on how he doesn't care what I think about the school but that if something happens to my car it's my own damn fault, as if I didn't know that. Anyway, my actual problem with the entire event was the way he was talking to me like a student - not event talking TO me, but rather AT me - or maybe in my general direction - rather than actually conversing. Being spoken to as if you can't think for yourself has to be the most demeaning and degrading experience ever and it drives me mad that it's considered acceptable (not to mention the norm) to treat someone as completely inhuman in an academic environment where SHOULD be considered counterproductive.

Uggh yes. It's one of those situations that has to be funny because if it's not it's like what the hell is wrong with people. They happen.

There's this kid I've known for a while, but I only just went over to his house last week. He's always struck me as the really-smart-but-no-common-sense sort of person but this goes so far beyond the stereotypical walk into the snow shoeless sort of scenario...apparently his whole family is like that and their house is such a mess. I was halfway expecting the table to start walking or something, and there are scorchmarks all over the kitchen ceiling and it's silllly. So we ended up doing physics on the TV in dry erase maker, which was pretty amazing.

That's all :)

[User Picture]From: xxxnevermorexxx
2006-12-12 05:57 am (UTC)
i am very moved by the stupidity of people with regard to your school situation. once again, you are completely right about everything. also, your "don't tie blue and white crap to my car" sign makes me inexplicably happy. cookies to you.
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[User Picture]From: vale_of_plenty
2006-12-17 05:07 am (UTC)
Aw thanks, being right about everything is pretty fab. They lost though too, which makes it funnier.
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