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++Fire eyed boy, give 'em the slip [Dec. 21st, 2006|02:12 am]
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I just finished the second book of The Brothers Karamazov (roughly 100 pages in, which is to crazy Russians nothing yet) and in the middle, while they were waiting for the first brother to show up, was a spontaneous and lengthy discussion on individual responsibilty in regards to morality and what forces an individual to take up that particular form of self-control. The actual textual discussion dealt with granting blind faith to individuals in regards to bettering themselves and generally being fantastic (through the church), while the other side dealt with (in a really roundabout, self-mocking kind of way) altering the justice system (through the church, hah) in a way that demonstrated a lack of that particular faith. Dostoyevsky made solid arguments for both, because that's how he does things, and naturally the course of the novel leads to his conclusion on that particular topic (and no, I haven't finished it, but I know enough about the man to say undoubtedly that it's the former). What I felt it came down to seemed, in essence, the flaws of anarchy versus the flaws of socialism (sweeping generalization #6!!!). The latter is blanket policies, which I've always dreaded (aided in part by Crazy Ayn Rand). And I think that to ignore the presence of individual irresponsibility and the general discord that results ignores the situation in a manner that becomes very hypocritical and ultimatley detrimental, hence the lack of one-sidedness.

Knowing how to pronounce "Karamazov" would also be cool.

Anyway, I'm halfway into junior year and the lack of an actual workload is somewhat disappointing. I mean, yeah, I'm constantly busy but I feel as if I'm not getting anywhere in the manner I had envisioned (because we all know how often that happens in real life).

I'm going to the enchilada library tomorrow!!

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[User Picture]From: vale_of_plenty
2006-12-22 07:09 pm (UTC)
If you actually know anyone who builds bird houses who isn't a little old woman, then I am so sorry.
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