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++Calculus = so pretty. - So much to tell you, but so many more important things to do. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
>>>space dementia

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++Calculus = so pretty. [Oct. 28th, 2006|08:58 pm]
>>>space dementia
[Tags|, ]
[mood |enthralled]
[music |Debussy...with a bit of Anna-Molly from Incubus.]

Election day is coming up...I don't actually need to tell anyone to vote, do I? Seventeen and ten months can register (to my knowledge), so if you're not signed up yet, definitely do it.

Re: life, I've had a sucky week but I think we're coming back to Jordanland, which is code for unbridled academic and literary enthusiasm mixed with caffeine and jump-started with about six squillion watts. And, you know, focus and clarity and sanity and self-satisfaction and a ridiculous number of additional things I feel have been missing lately. Honestly, I don't know what the issue has been, but it's for the most part over and that's better than otherwise.

First UIL meet today...scored first in division, beat the guy I wanted to by ten points or so, fairly satisfactory performance overall. McD was being ridiculous when he called - "well SOMEONE did this and SOMEONE did this" and such things - and I was like, okay, just tell me, hah. But yes, I'm happy with it, will hang on to this position tooth and nail, etc ad nauseum (though apparently all the cool kids go ad infinitum these days).

And hey, guess who got a new book (and guess who finally gets to read non-academic things for the first time in months)! Halsey is, in the manner of previous and similarily odd parallellisms, now canonically a French-speaking atheist. I've decided that the whole fantastically-mad rebel-doctor thing may quite seriously be the rest of my life (and, naturally, can't wait).

(Snark x 10. Oh, The Onion...more often than not it crosses the line between bad taste and satire, but occasionally hits the mark.)