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++Last one to die, please turn out the lights. - So much to tell you, but so many more important things to do. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
>>>space dementia

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++Last one to die, please turn out the lights. [Jan. 27th, 2007|08:47 pm]
>>>space dementia
[mood |semi-accomplished]
[music |Recommendation - Mirah]

1. I have a new bookshelf. Once I cleared the five foot-tall stacks from my floor, it was out of shelf space. C'est la vie.

2. SAT II Bio-M today went moderately well, I think. Left one blank, which is frustrating, but I'm not worried about diving below, say, 750.

3. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter and I have what may possibly be deep issues, but I can't decide whether they're of the good or bad sort. You've got the smart fourteen year old girl and the rampant godlessness and themes about people wanting to be something other than completely alone and the AMAZING AMAZING! John Singer, but then there's also the deep south thing and I don't think she handled the introduction of Doctor Copeland aptly. But hey, in terms of required reading I'll take this over The Scarlet Letter...(Singer!!! <3)

4. I will get a class tshirt that says squillion on it before leaving high school.

5. Children of Men was FANTASTIC. Yes, I know there's the whole "oh everyone just likes it because it's arty liberal propaganda" thing, but I can't honestly believe that anyone saying that has seen the film. You've got this gritty landscape interspersed with classic rock and late-day radicals and extreme leftist activists (who were half the "enemy," who the hell calls this liberal propaganda?!) and british people (!) and I want to go see it again. Maybe after Pan's Labyrinth.

6. I'm super addicted to running now...it's the endorphins.