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So much to tell you, but so many more important things to do. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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++J'aime le cafe avec my oxygen [Sep. 4th, 2006|01:56 pm]
>>>space dementia
[mood |A whole new level of pointless]
[music |Yellow - Coldplay]

Sibling is essay-writing. I'm so sorely tempted to be obnoxious and repeat the things she says to me when I'm, god forbid, on the PC working when she wants to be websurfing. "What, you mean you can't write an essay in an hour? I can...actually, I can read a seven hundred page book in a hour, not that I would, I don't like to read, but I'm a good reader. No, don't go get coffee, sit and do your homework. Why didn't you do it on Friday?!" Arrrrgh I'm so adopted. And also martian. This entire gene-sharing business is wholly inexplicable. You'd think civility would be something universally desirable.

This is pretty, I want one (and look, the guy's even Asian. Who would have guessed?!). There are so many potential applications for that, it's brain-exploding. Pressure sensitivity leads to potential rehabilitation devices for stroke victims, etc. Plus really fun lava-lamp things, I guess.

It's 80-something degrees outside, which is practically December-esque. Mmm, Texas.
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++Starbursts shouldn't be yellow [Aug. 31st, 2006|06:25 pm]
>>>space dementia
[mood |Giddy :)]
[music |KSYM]

Ooh, life. I kind of have one right now, hence the distinct lack of internet.

Today was smashing (yes, smashing) - involved early-morning cramming mixed with free quad-shot pumpkin lattes. Chem is the most ridiculously fantastic class ever (ever = this year, naturally) because, wow:
1. Eight people
2. Seven of them with brains - so disproportionate!!!
3. The phrase "organic nomenclature"
4. Completely random intrustions from Everett
5. Picking out emos from the third floor window
6. Good classical music on ALL THE TIME!
7. Me + chem = <3333, naturally.

Missed part of it this morning for a "you scored high on the PSAT, please have this free prep course!" meeting, though so did everyone else. I'm happy with the my score vs. everyone elses' thing, but today that came with the post-meeting people-shouting-my-score-down-the-hall thing and that's just kind of ridiculous, mainly because I told maybe two people half a year ago and that just doesn't make sense. Weird, and also awkward.

Yesterday I wanted to drink tea and analyze thick philisophical eastern-Euroepan novels for the rest of my life. That's changed, but it'll come back sometime next week.

Much luck to all of the college people just now starting classes. Hopefully Bill is stalking John Nash for me somewhere.

Iran's a little bit crazy.
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++Is this a touchy-feely class? [Aug. 22nd, 2006|11:13 pm]
>>>space dementia
[mood |Waiting, kind of.]
[music |Rebellion(lies) - Arcade Fire]

Okay, well, this is bound to be an update of the "it's-been-a-week-or-so-and-something-ought-to-go-up" sort, because there's honestly really nothing worth noting at the moment aside from keyboard-itchy fingers and a desperate inclination to put off ironing &c. So.

Re: l'ecole, I have proof-read twelve or so pages for miscellaneous desperate advisory buddies, am in the jock English class, and remain tragically hopeless when it comes to fending off the whole smart-girl thing. The last one has something to do with pop-culture shirts and uncountable infinity, though I'm not precisely sure what. 17.5 cups of coffee as of this morning. I spent upwards of seven hours in the D wing yesterday, will in all likelihood repeat it tomorrow, and am not quite sure what to make of this phenomenon.

New favorite book, but one with so many accompanying connotations that I'm reluctant to reveal it. Well, one of several favorites, anyway - in a different sort of way (and yes, this IS vaguely counter-productive). I asked sibling what she thought of it and she gave me a summary and THAT IS SO SICKENING.

I am so, so atrociously stupid and generally unsatisfied with myself right now. It's just completely ridiculous. I don't know. Whatever.

Just got back from a friend's house where they actually sit together. As in at a table. WHOA. And they were all completely into it - albeit discussing academics the entire time - so I'm sitting there and her father asks about EC's, so I rattle off the standard list while simultaneously wondering if I'm using the right fork, and does anyone notice, and do they even care?! And aaarrrgh. Wow. Somewhere between extremely awkward and extremely convienient, though probably entirely normal. I'm really just a make-coffee-and-I'll-be-upstairs sort of girl at heart (and completely satisfied with that!).
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++Are you like a crazy person?! [Aug. 13th, 2006|07:17 pm]
>>>space dementia
[mood |Cold is waning.]
[music |Emotion 98.6 - Mylo]

So I collect lit quotes - anything that's idealistically appealing, or personally applicable, or just likeable in terms of diction. Here's a smattering from over the summer, because I've been wanting to type them up anyway.
Lots of things.Collapse )

That's absolutely it. Rent V for Vendetta if you haven't already; I love not being carded.
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++Simply because everyone's doing it... [Aug. 6th, 2006|01:12 am]
>>>space dementia
[Tags|, ]
[mood |caffeinated]
[music |Velocity Girl - Snow Patrol]

ScheduleCollapse )
So I didn't win the most textbooks award, but I won the hardest courseload award, and that makes it all worthwhile. Thrilled, delighted, going to do die, can't wait, etc. ad nauseum :) Prep day was mildly interesting; I waited in line for an hour or so with Caleb for schedule changes (Brits pronounce it "shedule," by the way, so baffling.) and chatted with Waltersdorf, who rivals me for best last name. Admitted to several people that I have yet to begin work on summer reading (and honestly, it's not that shocking, stop acting as if it is). Afterwards, I returned home to find Chem AP assignments posted online, and get this: FOUR books due by September first. For one class. I don't know what to think, aside from being thankful that my caffeine addiction has curbed enough over the summer to make two cups of coffee enough to get me jittery again...

In other news, I have a tan for the first time in years, and may or may not be taller.

Off to search for push pins.

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++Suppose I never, ever met you... [Jul. 27th, 2006|06:41 pm]
>>>space dementia
[mood |all of these words]
[music |Fidelity - Regina Spektor]


a. Put in my two weeks' on Monday. There's enough saved up to pay for next year's barrage of standardized testing and AP's, plus random shopping trips and books, so I'm satisfied ("Are you sure you can't work weekends during the year?" Fuck yes, I'm sure, it's hot and I hate kids). Future facts, advice, and other miscellany for all theme-park visitors: 1) it's not my fault your kid is too short, so don't bitch to me; 2) if you just had a beer, do not ride; 3) talk to the people on duty, because they're bored and hot and exhausted and it will make their day; 4) if you don't want to pay four bucks for a bottle of water, ask the guy working the ride if you can get water from his jug; 5) if we're getting a girl out of the coaster and into a wheelchair because she's obviously suffering from heat exhaustion and vomiting like nobody's business, do NOT expect me to sympathize with the ten minutes more you have to wait in line.

b. Have completed summer school! Joy.

c. Have a stack of books to read that is circa two feet high (...so why am I on livejournal?). Currently: finishing Anna Karenina (am simultaneously enamored and annoyed with it), beginning To The Lighthouse (because regular doses of Virgina Woolf help to buffer everything else I spend time on), taking notes on 1776, and perusing Sense and Sensibility (because I finally found an edition with a satisfactory cover).

d. Found the grandiloquent dictionary yesterday! Because everyone should indulge in the occasional bombasticism.

e. FINALLY set up an optometry appointment and got a contact on Friday...yes, only one. Apparently my vision is wtf-worthy; Dr. McAwesome implied rather more candidly than I would have that whoever gave me my license was on crack, which is always a nice notion to consider. Her adopted daughter is going to attend Health Careers, which I was thinking rather seriously of transferring to (but didn't, because it would have killed my ranking and ego)...oh, those Asians.

f. Now officially support the world's best political non-campaign ever! You know you want the shirt...Collapse )
So ecstatic!!!

g. Am scared of schedule issues like nobody's business. FIVE dreams; I jest not. Honestly now, that's pushing the limits of sanity. I AM, however, beyond ready for hell year. BRING IT. (Though we ARE going to be required to wear IDs now...someone needs to explain the purpose of this to me, because I don't get it. So kids from other campuses don't come in? Yeah, because they would obviously WANT to be here. Administration is dumb.)

And thus ends the blatant self-centered egotism. Kind of, at least. Here's music:
Apres Moi - Regina Spektor (this is probably an acquired taste, but what the hell, we'll try)
The Galaxy Song - Monty Python (yes, seriously!)
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++What would Jesus veto? [Jul. 19th, 2006|11:55 pm]
>>>space dementia
[mood |re-vaulting]
[music |I Remember - Damien Rice]

That about summarizes it, yes. And a summary is probably best, because we all know I could rant for weeks on end and finish exactly where I started...

Eyeroll etc.
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++Melts like ice and burns like hell [Jul. 12th, 2006|11:18 pm]
>>>space dementia
[Tags|, ]
[mood |"both tired and sleepy"]
[music |Velocity Girl - Snow Patrol]

1. Okay, so PIRATES!(if you haven't seen it, skip this paragraph): I am in loovvve. The entire cast was so much less annoying (much love for the Elizabeth in particular this time around; she was so much more dimensional and snappy and went well with Jack. And, gasp, Mr. Collins was Mr. Evil East India! And he called her Lizzy! Who needs an Austen fix...). Cephalopods are fun; cephalopod PEOPLE are more so. The wheel thing must have been a headache to coordinate but it turned out fantastically. I love crazy voodoo chick, and her undead monkey. Barbosa is savvy. I adore Norrington even if he's a little on edge. Gorgeous cinematography at the beginning...tea and sheet music and such. Liz's dad is the nicest old man ever

2. Moving on. Day to Day was on while I was driving home and they were talking about book-shufflers...like authors who place their books under "new fiction" or whatnot every time they go to a store, and then the people who put books by politicians they don't like face-down. Kindred spirits, I think! I'm going to have to start doing that last one.

3. A (week) late Happy Writing Day to history boyfriend! Apologies in Jefferson's direction, for not setting off fireworks.

4. Ohh, school. We watched the "girlie-men" speech today - always fun, in that special excrutiating way. Apparently I have a clone at Churchill. Hmm...

5. I have almost rear-ended two people in the past half an hour. SCORE.
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++Truth takes time [Jul. 7th, 2006|10:39 pm]
>>>space dementia
[mood |and I am nothing of a builder]
[music |Apres Moi - Regina Spektor]

I'm sleeping less than I do during school and I'm not getting half as much done. This is upsetting. A day of sitting home reading would be extremely, extremely nice. I had to spend twenty fucking bucks on a parking pass for summer school at Reagan, which I'm going to use for three weeks at most. Tickets there are supposedly $40, which is absolutely absurd. I'm not happy with Reagan people, though the actual class is filled with Churchill GTers, who have proven to be an interesting (in a good way) bunch. And then there's the girl who thinks she's a cat. Hmm; you get all kinds. So it goes.

I came home exhausted the other day and I started typing something - didn't post it - but I came back and reread it and there is a collasal amount of homonyms: for example, I would mix "write" with "right" and their/there/they're ad nauseum. So I thought that was interesting, because a lack of sleep supposedly affects mathematical skills much more so than verbal-linguistic (which I can definitely confirm anecdotally, got to love those nights). This sounds like a science project to me...gasp.

And, um, five on AP stat. I have absolutely no idea how it happened, as during the actual testing process I was about a mental inch from running out of the room crying. Yeah. That must have been one hell of a curve.

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++This is nothing new, no, just another phase of finding [Jul. 1st, 2006|12:19 am]
>>>space dementia
[music |Volcano - Damien Rice]

With a) the complete and utter dullness of American politics at the moment and b) the recent captive-soldier story splattered over the front page of every news site I frequent, I've come to realize how thoroughly unacquainted I am with the sitation in Israel and Palestine and, what the hell, the Middle East in general. This has, naturally, led to rampant wikipedia-ing (hah! my sources are dumb, so what, they're also free).

Ugggh I get to miss the launch tomorrow. Cue upset, etc. Oh, Fiesta Texas. You know I wouldn't mind jobbing if it were interesting and non-menial...though I suppose that would breach the (currently very distinct) difference between working and jobbing. So. Something like that.

God I don't know what I'm doing and I'm jealous and bitter over such stupid things. Let's skip around topics.

Cancer vaccines are smashing things.
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